What Is Astral Travel ‘and Genuine Secret To having Your First Astral Projection Experience’

What is astral projection Is it really possible, or is all this simply a myth concocted by creative people promote weird experiences Can you LEARN astral travel, or do you need to be born with a special gift that most anything have And if Hence. how so What if I were inform you that almost EVERYONE reading this right now could learn to have their first OBE in a few days. without anything other than an adventurous spirit as well as the desire to explore Or What if I were to tell you that astral projection, and out of body experiences have proven in lab setting, on more than one occasion Would you believe me But first.

from my perspective, astral projection defined, is: The knowledge of feeling the sense of “self” removed from the confines of the physical body, whereas you can SEE, hear, touch and feel things in your immediate environment without the usage of your normal faculties. Having the ability to see oneself from a position above the body is a pretty common hallmark of most OBE and projection opinions. which I use interchangeably, some people in order to make distinctions between OBE’S and astral travel. I don’t Did you know that INTENTIONAL out of body experiences have been studied in lab settings tesla’s invention was branded years It’s true.

and dating back incredibly least to the Rhine Institute at Duke University, to studies done on famed astral pioneers Robert Monroe and Alex Tanous, to the famous “PROOF” study done on “Mrs Z'” by Professor Charles Tart years ago, there is an incredible body of evidence that supports not only Will we study the OBE experience within a scientific setting, but there is also something REALLY happening that defies conventional scientific wisdom as well. i.e. it’s miles more than a hallucination or imagination, especially making the verifiable information that many have come back with upon their return A must to take away on this article if you are serious about testing the limits of your own spiritual boundaries You Get an an OBE with practice.

It WILL be probably the most exciting adventure of your lifetime so far. And winning a hot to get proof you’ll really believe in. would be to stop reading articles and get started EXPLORING the ethereal realms for yourself! The base line Astral projection is in truth the MOST fun, liberating and life changing experience imaginable. Just about ANYONE can do it.and with practice and training, so too can you! and believe Astralreisen when I tell you, life will NEVER look the same once you have